Dear blog!
Let's do this shit in english for once  ;)

Yeah, this day has sort of been in the sign of action! Or.. at least if you compare it to a life of a litle turtle, but a ACTION turtle - woohoo!  Nah but seriously, I've been quite effective today. At first I went to the local healtcenter (se vårdcentralen) to get some things cleared up: I kinda have theese two puncture holes at the right side of my neck like as if though someone would have bitten me and I...

Pfff, yea I wish!

No but I got a couple of thing sorted out and after that I went downtown to visit and to get signed in to Arbetsförmedlingen and ok.. I haven't had that much of negative discussions around me regardin AF but damn!! I didn't really know why but I totally felt like a failed looser and at the same time I felt so ashamed. It was as if everyone in the room looked up when I entered the doors and everyone had this kind of: owh, you to huh ? look in their eyes - sings: creepy.

But I kinda got all of that sorted out pretty quick and then just mooved on to leaving CV.s to H&M, Carlings, Blend & Brothers&Sisters. I hadn't thought of that last place before but my mothers boyfriend delivers products to alot of stores and he had talked to the supervisor there and at H&M so I kinda had a litle head start there * yeaaj * so why not, I mean it's kind of a nice store although it's way to expensive for me, but what the hell ;)   

So yeah, busy busy day *sigh, didn't even do that much haha * but I'm gonna reward myself now with a nice cop of coffee and theeen.. don't know, perhaps watch a movie  :)

OH YEAH! By the way, tomorrow I'll be having a training lesson with my dancegroup 'cause on Saturday JAM Dancestudios has a "Open House" for everyone who want's to try out a bit of dancing and that day I'll be performing with my group for everyone to see so if ya wanna come and check us out you're all more then welcome  ;D 

Coffee calling, coooomiiing deeaar!  See ya  ;)

Postat av: Skolfröken G, the swedish teacher

Utomspråkiska....? Det gillar vi inte. ;)

2009-08-21 @ 18:10:49
Postat av: Niklas

ojj förlåt, tänkte inte på er som ah.. ni som bara kan svenska. ska jag översätta åt dig eller kan Ann-Christine kanske hjälpa dig ? ;)

2009-08-21 @ 21:23:44
Postat av: Skolfröken G


Ska kolla med henne! ;)

2009-08-22 @ 08:24:21

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